ACT Land Titles Act 1925 Consultation

Submissions due 15 October 2018.


Peg Consulting have been engaged by the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate of the Australian Capital Territory to provide advice on the ACT Land Titles Act 1925. Specifically, if reform of the Act is to be undertaken, what form should this take. The Act can be found here.


Submissions are invited from stakeholders.  Stakeholders are asked to identify whether there any areas of concern with the Act as it stands and what amendments are desirable to address those, or to enable future reform opportunities.


The ACT Government will use the advice to assist in determining when and what form any changes to the legislation may take. Consideration of different ownership models and/or sale of the land title registry is out of scope and is not the purpose of this review.  


Submissions may wish to address any or all of the following:


 1. Do you support amendment of the ACT Land Titles Act, and if so what outcome are you seeking?  Can you provide any examples, data or references to sections in the Act to support your case for change?

 2. If changes to the Act were prioritised and staged progressively, what is the order of priority?  

 3. What is it important to preserve from the existing legislation?


 4. ​Consultation to date has identified the following reforms as priority areas for focus -  what views or evidence can you provide to support or counter:

 i) enabling e-conveyancing and adoption of the National Law

ii) strengthening Verification of Identity requirements

iii) modernising the language in the Act.

 5. Are there particular Parts or Sections of the Act that you think should be changed, if so what are these and why?

 6. Are there any other issues or impacts related to any change of the Lands Title Act that you would want considered in a decision making process?


Please note that submissions will be provided to the ACT Government and may be made publicly available.

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