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Act Like a Leader Before You Are One

With five children between us we have been wrestling with book week dress-ups, patiently asking the question “who do you want to be?”… It is a question worth asking yourself and, if the answer is a LEADER, then read on. This week’s #articlepegged is about how to act like a leader before you are one and we think the advice in Amy Gallo’s HBR article is absolutely spot on. Read an extract below or read the full article here.


Principles to Remember


  • Look for every opportunity to demonstrate your leadership potential, at work and outside the office

  • Support your boss in reaching her goals

  • Find people in positions you aspire to and study what makes them successful


  • Let your ambitions distract you from doing your current job well

  • Exert authority where you don’t have any — use influence to prove your leadership chops

  • Openly discuss your ambitions — it’s safer to take a “show, don’t tell” approach