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Get the most out of Executive Board meetings.

We believe the key to successful Executive Board meetings involves creating a team environment that supports strategic and robust discussion, in a way in which the collective contributions are greater than the sum of the individual contributors. That’s why we recommend this article, which has some good practical strategies to achieve this. You can read the extract below or the read the full HBR article here: Use Your Staff Meeting for Peer-to-Peer Coaching”.

“In our research at Ferrazzi Greenlight, we’ve found an extraordinarily rich and robust coaching resource sitting around us each and every day — our peers. And the ideal venue for peer-to-peer coaching is already built into our schedules — the staff meeting. ...We recommend these ways to unleash effective peer-to-peer coaching in staff meetings:

1. Shift the meeting from report-outs to collaborative problem solving.

Change the structure of the meeting from individuals reporting their own performance and successes to collaborative problem solving, where the leader or a member of the team brings a topic for group discussion.

The importance of this exercise is that team members begin to see their peers as a rich source of advice — one that they might not have gone to before. This type of collaborative problem solving usually yields better decisions — and is a more enjoyable way to work.