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How to Ace a Job Interview.

Knowing how to perform well in job interviews can be an skill.. and not everyone is born with natural talent in this area. However, there are a number of strategies that can be very effective in helping you put your best foot forward. Here at Peg Consulting we provide coaching to people preparing for interviews. So we have thought a lot about what is good advice to help people do their best in an interview - and so has Harvard. We recommend this HBR article as a great place to start if you have a job interview on the horizon. Extract is below or you can read Cathy Split's full article "To Ace Your Job Interview, Get into Character and Rehearse" here.

Extract: Even with practice and rehearsal, we can get overloaded and stressed in new situations, particularly when we’re the centre of attention and under scrutiny. That’s why I suggest that — in addition to those outlined above — your job interview character have a special trait: instead of performing as a person who is trying really hard to get the job, perform as someone who wants to have a great conversation with the human being across from you.