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Local Governments are place shapers.

Local Government elections are coming in South Australia, and voting is not compulsory. So why is it important to vote - or stand- in your local government elections? Because democracy matters - in all tiers of government. Local governments matter because of their role as a ‘place-shaper’. This #articlepegged explores some research on people’s views about local government and their local communities. Read the full article here or an extract below.


The view of local government as being confined to roads, rates and rubbish is long gone, in both practice and in terms of what communities expect. Australians want local government to be responsible for a diversity of activities in their local community, with planning for the future being among the most important….[An astounding 88% of Australians strongly or moderately agree they feel at home in the place where they live. There are similarly high levels of agreement when asking whether they feel connected to friends and neighbours (75%), and whether the place where they live has the qualities they value (78%); landscapes that make them feel good (77%); and makes them feel good about themselves (76%).