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The cornerstone of e-governance is trust.

Those responsible for the e-health records in Australia could learn a few things from Estonia. The Partners at Peg had the benefit of travelling to Tallin last year to understand Estonia's digital journey with their citizens. It was clear the their government’s digital success was built on the foundation of trust. Therefore we thought it topical that this week’s article capture an interview with Linnar Viik - one of the founders of Estonia's e-Governance Academy, who discusses the importance of trust and e-governance. Read the full article here or an excerpt below.

Excerpt: …we must start by recognising what are the core components of a broader concept of trust in e-governance. “It’s a word that can be very holistic; however, trust consists of very specific and particular components, some of which are much easier to manage, such as regulatory aspects and technological elements. However, then we get to something which is rather sociological, or socio-psychological, and here lies the crucial part: the key ingredient is trust in relations, relationships and communications”, whether these take place between public officials, citizens or businesses.