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The extreme leadership that got the Thai soccer boys out of the cave alive.

At Peg we were consumed with the Thai Cave rescue. On a personal level we shared the world’s trauma, hope and finally jubilation. We also observed the lessons from a leadership perspective. It also provided some great discussion on how red tape can be removed when its needed, and how an international community can be united by a common cause for good. Therefore, in honour of this great rescue effort we thought the article for this week should give us an opportunity to learn more about “In Extremis” leadership. An excerpt from Jena McGregor’s article in the Washington Post on this topic is below. To read the full article click here.


What people need is to be inspired that there is a way ahead that has positive outcomes for them. They don’t need a highly rational, highly accurate, logical leader. They also don’t need a shallow emotional leader, someone who’s just going to try to pump them up. What they need is someone who can establish a vision of the way ahead — even if there’s no detail to it...Fear is really uncertainty about what the future holds. If you give people an alternative future to the one that’s occupying their fears, and you give them a sense of purpose, it helps.