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The future of digital government: cleaning spreadsheets.

This is a timely issue for governments and where they are at in their data journeys. Linkage is difficult within governments, and even more challenging between them. Data dollars are often assigned to projects that have a high “announcement” value to Ministers and leaders. But it is investment in the less “shiny” projects, like consistent data standards, that is essential for the full impact and productivity of data linkage to be realised. Now is the time, and it needs national leadership. It may be an unsexy, piece of work but its a key enabler to take governments where they need to go. You can read an extract below or the full article here.

Extract: While the benefits of data standards are clear enough, both the private and public sector often ignore them or resist them...Though the wonders of AI and “the blockchain” capture the headlines, standards are the basic infrastructural reforms that mean systems can work together. Very often, the outcome isn’t particularly flashy.