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US midterm results: six key issues and what they mean for the country’s uncertain future

Last week’s US Congressional midterm elections were seen by many as a critical test of Trump’s leadership and America’s electoral history.  "Uncertainty" is the word of the moment, so to help understand what the issues are and how these elections will impact, we have chosen this excellent article as this week’s #articlepegged. You can read an excerpt below, but we would encourage a read of The Conversation's full article here.

Excerpt: America has voted, the results are in, but the country’s future remains uncertain – for now. Tuesday’s Congressional midterm elections were billed – rightly – as among the most important in US history. Decades of widening division have been exacerbated by an aggressive Donald Trump willing to remake the American system (some might say overrun it) with his rhetoric and executive orders. After 35 Senate races and verdicts on all 435 House seats, there is no clear resolution. Democrats did take the House of Representatives with a large swing; but Republicans not only clung to the Senate, they increased their majority.