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What next for behavioural insights?

Nudge units are now well established in many governments, with it estimated that there are over 200 behavioural insights initiatives currently in operations in governments, regulators and organisations across the world. This article explores the lessons and what’s next for nudge in government. You can read the full apolitical article here or an extract below.

Extract From: Ten years on: What’s next for behavioural insights? by Faisal Naru.

While the proliferation of behavioural units in public policy, and now chief behavioural officers in organisations, is welcome, there is still greater potential to benefit from the application of behavioural and social sciences.

The study of behavioural insights brings a number of disciplines together — including psychology, cognitive science, decision-making and economics. It also builds bridges between academia and practice.

This multi-disciplinary approach must also exist in behavioural initiatives, by including design, data, and social scientists, as well as environmental, public policy, human resources, education experts, to name a few. By involving many relevant disciplines, behavioural insights can be mainstreamed into organisations.

There are three key areas where these multi-disciplinary teams in organisations could begin to work together to mainstream a behavioural approach.

-Defining problems